Donating blood provides a lifeline to those who are in desperate need due to a long term health issue or emergency.  Blood has many components which are vital for different uses; these components include; red cells, plasma and platelets.

Red cells are used predominantly in treatments for cancer and blood diseases. Plasma provides proteins, nutrients and a clotting agent that is vital to stop bleeding. Platelets are tiny cells used to help patients at a high risk of bleeding. They also contribute to the repair of damaged body tissue.


  • Once you have registered with NHS Blood & Transplant, they will send you a list of every blood donation session that’s in your area. Then just choose your session, book an appointment and go to give blood.
  • Have something to eat before you donate and drink plenty of fluids before and after donation – this will stop you feeling faint.
  • Each time you donate blood, the donation can help save or improve the lives of three adults or seven babies.
  • Each blood donation takes approximately 5-10 minutes. The rest of time is NHS Blood & Transplant staff taking extra special care of you.
  • You can donate 470 mls of blood three times a year if you’re female or four times a year if you’re a male.
  • Please help someone in our community today by becoming a blood donor.
  • Please call NHS Blood & Transplant on tel no. 0300 123 23 23 to book your appointment. Please QUOTE Code R20 when booking your appointment.