A desperate search for a stem cell (bone marrow) donor is being made for an 11-year-old Coventry boy who urgently needs a transplant.

Tako Ngambi, from Coventry, was admitted to University Hospital in July and is now undergoing treatment at Birmingham Children’s Hospital for the blood disorder aplastic anaemia.

Doctors told his parents that his bone marrow was failing and a transplant may be required. A match is yet to be found and doctors and nurses have been tirelessly trying to lower his temperature below 40 degrees.

His dad, Sam Ngambi, has spoken about what his 11-year-old son is going through.

Sam, 50, said: “Tako was a healthy 11-year-old and we never had any idea he had a bone marrow problem until June this year. He was healthy until all of a sudden he started to feel weak and he couldn’t finish a game of football”.

He came home from school one day and just collapsed. His mum, Enalah, is a nurse and said he was looking pale, like someone who is not getting enough blood.

“We took him to the doctors, had blood tests done and they referred us straight to the hospital. When we went to hospital, we realised it was a serious problem.”

Results from more tests at the hospital confirmed Tako has aplastic anaemia.

It is a rare disease in which the bone marrow and the hematopoietic stem cells that reside there are damaged, and causes a deficiency of all three blood cell types.

The whole family were left shattered with Tako’s diagnosis, but despite everything he is going through, Sam has said Tako has enough courage to fill the whole family with hope. Sam added: “We were all shattered and broken and completely shocked.

Tako is very courageous and his courage has helped everyone, keeping everyone going. He is a very clever boy so he understands and has looked into what it is”.

Tako even completed his Year 6 SATs and got good results to get into the Heart of England School.

Tako has been in hospital since July but is now playing a waiting game to find a match for a stem cell transplant. He has been given an ATG (Anti-thymocyte Globulin), which is an antibody that is used to treat aplastic anaemia. It is only temporary until they find a matching donor.

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