At ACLT we are all about making perfect matches.

Bun & Cheese matches the much loved Caribbean sweet bun with cheese – a deliciously simple culinary delight.

Cakes sales are a great way to raise funds for charity. Now you can add a twist to an old idea and be more tropical by hosting a Bun & Cheese Get-together.  As well as bun and cheese, you can tempt work colleagues, friends and neighbours with apple turn-overs, sweet breads, rock cakes and other baked favourites from the Caribbean and Africa. Of course, you can still include traditional fairy cakes, sponge cakes, cup cakes and a selection of pastries.

Why host a Bun & Cheese Get-together

Over a cup of tea, coffee or herbal tea you can fund raise to help ACLT support patients waiting for lifesaving stem cell (bone marrow) and organ transplants. Your donation will fund patient appeals and donor registration drives.

Colleagues,  customers and clients at work, friends and neighbours at home can all join in; its a great way to catch up and raise awareness of the need for lifesaving donors from ALL ethnic backgrounds.

Your Bun & Cheese Get-together can be held at any time of the year e.g. Easter or during Black History Month in October. Whenever you want!

What do I do next?

Sign up below and we’ll get in touch to offer assistance and help make your Bun & Cheese Get-together a success.

Where are your hosting your event?

How may people are you expecting? How can we assist you? Etc.

Also see our  In aid of ACLT fundraising guidelines

Downloads for your Bun & Cheese Get-together  

ACLT Bun & Cheese Get-together poster – Match4Valerie

ACLT Bun & Cheese Get-together poster – #Match4Natasha

ACLT Bun & Cheese Get-together poster – #Match4Elsa.docx

ACLT labels for donation box – Aug 2017