Our team

Paula Sofowora

Paula Sofowora – ACLT Trustee

Paula started her career at the Prudential in 1985 and up until June 2017, was Senior Legal Counsel at Zurich Insurance. She has an extensive track record of dealing with a wide variety of retail and commercial matters, including disputes, legal and regulatory change, conduct risk and financial crime.

In January 2019, she joined the International Planned Parenthood Federation as its inaugural Director of Legal, Risk and Compliance where she built the foundations for a robust legal and regulatory framework. Alongside her significant case load and advice to multiple stakeholders including the Board and the Director General, Paula was instrumental in implementing an Independent Complaints Panel, managing the recruitment of internal auditors, reviewing insurance arrangements, facilitating renewals and drafting key contractual documents for the Federation. She also supported the governance reforms that transformed the Federation. Paula is currently on a career break to pursue her diversity and inclusion projects.

Paula met Daniel De- Gale who would leave a lasting impression on her. Following a donor drive at Zurich, 19 colleagues joined the registers. In 2017, she completed the Inca Trail to raise funds for ACLT. “Paula became an ACLT Trustee because she is passionate about cultural inclusion and wants to support the charity raise awareness, educate and advocate for change so nobody has to wait too long for a transplant and more can be done to find a cure for blood cancer.”

Email: paula@aclt.org

Beverley De-Gale

Beverley De-Gale OBE – ACLT Co-Founder

Beverley’s role is to ensure ACLT runs smoothly. She manages the staff/volunteers ensuring effective use of limited resources and organises registration drives. Beverley also supports patients and their families who are confronted with a diagnosis of any blood cancers/disorders and those in urgent need of an organ transplant. In her spare time Beverley likes to eat out and socialise with friends and family. She enjoys relaxing with her daughter Dominique, listening to music, reading books or watching interesting TV. Beverley, also loves to travel around the world with Orin, enjoying quality time and finding out about other cultures.

Email: beverley@aclt.org

Dean Forbes

Dean Forbes – ACLT Trustee

Dean Forbes is CEO and member of the board of CoreHR, where he is responsible for continuing their exciting strategy of growth and market disruption. In 2010 Dean became CEO of KDS, during his time the company tripled their revenue, increased profitability, and were recognised for their technology innovation. KDS was acquired by American Express in 2016.

Dean is a member of the board of directors for ACLT and the Royal Marsden Hospital helping both organisations combat and treat cancer. Dean became involved with ACLT after meeting Orin and Beverley and hearing their amazing work which really resonated with Dean following his daughter’s own successful battle with leukaemia when she was just 2 years of age.

Email: dean@aclt.org

Jeremie Alamazani

Jeremie Alamazani – ACLT Trustee

Jeremie Alamazani is co-Founder and CEO of Square Rock Group (www.squarerockgroup.com). SRG is a ten year old global media company, based in the City of London, trading internationally. Jeremie says “Over more than twenty years and due to the total dedication of few people, ACLT has achieved remarkable results with limited resources. It is time to add “new gears to the car”, new sets of business skills and a better process/performance-based approach to the already successful humanitarian approach.”

This will be one of the Jeremie’s mission within ACLT.

Email: jeremie@aclt.org

Charlotte Dawkins

Charlotte Dawkins – ACLT Trustee

Charlotte has over 18 years’ experience of working in external affairs and has a specialism in health communications, influencing and patient advocacy. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and health service for over 10 years – during this time she has worked closely with patients, families and caregivers affected by a cancer diagnosis or a rare disease. She has seen the devastating impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on individuals and families, knowing all too well how critical the support of organisations like ACLT is to those in need. She was delighted to be invited to join the ACLT Board as a Trustee as she has seen at close quarters the life-saving and life-changing work that they do every day to support the BAME community and to represent their needs in national policy making. She continues to be inspired by the strength, courage and fortitude shown by Beverley and Orin, in their work and as human beings. She is humbled to be working with the current board to continue to drive the ACLT to help more patients and families across the UK.

Email: charlotte@aclt.org

Laverne Walker

Laverne Walker – ACLT Trustee

As a Director of Sackville Travel Services Ltd I enjoy the perks that the tourism industry offers but this does not come without hard work and relationship building. I am driven by my passion for the Caribbean’s cultural heritage and see tourism as a means to preserve and showcase the rich heritage of the region. As a Director, I am more involved with developing corporate strategy and the long-term vision of the company, for which my management & accountancy background have proven useful. An important part of my role is to develop, manage and sustain external partnerships with key stakeholders in the tourism sector such as major airlines, tourism ministers and tourist boards. Being a Trustee of ACLT I provide support and advise where possible, in an effort to educate and share the importance of lifesaving donation and increasing the register of black and ethnic minority stem cell (bone narrow), blood and organ donors to help save lives.

Email: laverne@aclt.org

Orin Lewis

Orin Lewis OBE – ACLT Co-Founder

Orin’s main purpose is to develop the strategy and principles of the ACLT. He also manages the staff alongside Beverley, planning effective use of resources. Moreover, Orin delivers operative programs and service within budget and to quality standards. When Orin has spare time he loves to listen to music and relax. He loves to travel around the world in his spare time with Beverley as it helps them unwind.

Email: orin@aclt.org

Verna Brackett

Verna Brackett – Administration & Finance Officer

Verna has been an avid supporter of the ACLT and a key part of the ACLT volunteer team since the charity was founded in 1996. She joined the team after seeing the Daniel De-Gale appeal on the BBC2 “Black Britain” pilot program whilst working at BBC Worldwide Ltd.

After retiring from her role as Accounts Receivable Manager at BBC Worldwide in October 2008, Verna volunteered in the ACLT office for a couple of years before taking on a paid part-time Admin role. Verna took time out to support her mother during a period of ill health in 2012 as well as enjoying her first grandchild. Verna is pleased to be back in the ACLT office, ensuring our Administration and Finances are all in good order as well as assisting Bev and Orin in continuing the work of helping to raise awareness, registering new donors and supporting the patients and families that need assistance from the ACLT charity. Verna’s hobbies include fitness workouts, reading, doing puzzles and travel.

Email: verna@aclt.org

Ronke Oke

Ronke Oke BEM – PR Manager

Ronke is responsible for implementing PR campaigns, third party collaborations and managing the development and delivery of all patient-led appeals. Alongside this Ronke also works closely with patient and donor case studies, securing media interviews and features to raise awareness on individual case studies and raising awareness and maintaining the overall profile of ACLT within the news media.