Many know BBC 1XTRA radio personality, DJ Ace for his jovial, fun nature, catching jokes on the radio waves with the biggest names in music, however won’t many don’t know is that Ace is currently living with kidney failure and requires a lifesaving kidney transplant to beat the illness.

Ace, was first diagnosed with kidney failure aged 37, however it was during his younger years this health journey started. Ace said: “I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 20 years old, so I’ve always had regular blood tests to monitor my diabetes”.

A few years ago after one of his routine blood tests, Ace was informed by doctors his kidney function was gradually deteriorating. Throughout 2018, Ace started to have regular vomiting episodes in the morning – this was when things regarding his health really started to take a turn.

Ace continues: “I visited the doctor and after they run a few more tests, it was confirmed in May 2018 that my kidneys were not functioning as they should and that I would need to start dialysis three times a week to maintain my life.

It goes without saying, Ace’s job as a radio DJ on one of the UK’s most popular radio stations results in his life being super hectic. He adds: “ I’m a very busy person and I love what I do. My line of work can be unpredictable at times and calls for a lot of evening [jobs] and travelling. How-ever, now my work has to fit around the 15 hours a week I’m at hospital. It can be frustrating at times”.

I now need a transplant to if I am to beat kidney failure. I’m not afraid of the operation I just hope for it to happen as soon as possible. I would love to stop attending my dialysis appointment 3 times a week which last up to 5 hours a time and instead get back to having a regular life. I was told I needed to be lighter to make the procedure as safe as possible. I’ve managed to drop a lot of weight I’m just waiting for a kidney now”.

Becoming a living donor is such an amazing thing you can do for someone. Your selfless act en-able families to keep their loved ones longer”.

Ace’s situation is currently being managed with dialysis, however a kidney transplant is required in order for him to beat kidney failure.  Should a match be found, it will come from either a living donor or a deceased donor who is registered to the Organ Donor Register.

To find out more about how to become a Living Donor or to join the Organ Donor Register, please click the links.