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Updated Tuesday 2 January 2018

We’re thrilled to share with you the news that many of us having been hoping for… a match was found for Delroy and he received his transplant just before the festive period. What a perfect Christmas gift!

On behalf of Delroy and family, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported his campaign.  Whether you shared our content on social media, joined the stem cell register or encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do so, we are grateful.

The next few months will be crucial for Delroy, however, we are hoping all will be well with his health for him going forward.

Updated Friday 13th October 2017

It was recently shared on social media Delroy Anglin from Can’t Pay? We’ll take it Away was now in remission, following his diagnosis with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia last November.

While we do have great news to share in that a stem cell match has been found for Delroy and he is currently being prepared to receive his transplant early next month, Delroy is not in complete remission.  Currently, Delroy has a low amount of leukaemia cells still in his body, however, his specialist doctors have confirmed the transplant will go ahead in the hope, it may cure Delroy.

 Delroy and his family have asked for everyone to continue to keep him in their thoughts and prayers and to continue supporting the fight against leukaemia and other blood illnesses, by joining the Stem Cell Register.

Delroy Anglin, a star bailiff of the TV series, Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! has launched an appeal to encourage more African and Caribbean people living in the UK to join the Stem Cell Register.

The #Match4Delroy appeal which is to be led by ACLT is hoping to find an unmatched donor for Delroy who requires a lifesaving stem cell (bone marrow) transplant if he is to beat his battle with leukaemia.

Delroy, aged 56, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) last November. Since his diagnosis, Delroy has managed with drugs and receiving two rounds of chemotherapy, but tests show the leukaemia remains.  Doctors have confirmed Delroy will need an urgent stem cell transplant to beat the illness.

With siblings having a one in four chance of being a match, it was no surprise out of Delroy’s five siblings, none were found to be a match to help their brother.

The pain and anguish of dealing with a loved one being diagnosed with blood cancer is something Delroy and his family are all too familiar with, as it was 40 years ago, Delroy’s brother lost his battle against leukaemia – which makes Delroy’s illness that much more painful for his loved ones to deal with.

Delroy’s sister Janet Hills, who is Chair at the Met Black Police Association (MBPS) and President at National Black Police Association (NBPA) said:

“When I tell people that Delroy from Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away! is my brother, there is an immediate outpouring of warmth and love. I’m praying this appeal turns that love into action.”

“ACLT is the preferred charity for the MBPS and the NBPA. Our members continually engage with the charity and organise community events to raise awareness and funds. If you love Del on the show as much as I love him as my brother, then please, please, please make that commitment today to join the stem cells (bone marrow) register.”

Delroy is being supported by his loving family which includes his children and mother. His daughter

Domenique Anglin said:

“Dad is an active, charismatic person, he loves socialising with his family and friends. He is a fantastic father to my siblings and a wonderful Grandfather too. I am appealing on his behalf to all Caribbean and African people in the UK and abroad to join the register, in the hope they might be the match that saves his life.”

Delroy Anglin said:

“It’s going to be difficult to find me a perfect matched donor unless we have a lot more Caribbean and African people on the register.  It takes 15 minutes to register and is almost painless to donate.  I want to beat this illness, but I will only be able to do so, with the help of the Caribbean and African community.”

“I am requesting for more people of Caribbean and African heritage to join the register to help me and others like me.”

Beverley De-Gale, ACLT co-founder said:

“Delroy’s life has done a complete 360 in the last four months. From being on a popular documentary series to being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. We hope fans of the show come together and help save the life of the individual they have come to love on-screen, in addition to joe-public who don’t watch the show.”

“If you’re 16 – 55 and in good health, you could potentially be the person to save Delroy’s life.”

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