Deshawn Morris (A.K.A. Tony McKenzie) was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1954 and moved to the West Midlands, England in 1962. Deshawn attended school in Birmingham and after leaving school followed a career as a DJ. This led him to travelling around the UK and then on to Europe, eventually settling in Antwerp, Belgium. As a DJ Deshawn played in many clubs and on the radio stations and in 1981 he opened his own nightclub in Antwerp which was extremely successful. During this time Deshawn became a singer and performed all round Europe working with other international artists this also led to record deals and he made numerous records that were played on the radio stations around Europe and in Clubs.

Continuing the dream in the late 90’s Deshawn moved to the United States and remained there for 10 years eventually returning back to the UK.

In February 2018 Deshawn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) after suffering ill health for 2 years without a diagnosis. He was told by the Consultant that if he did not have treatment that he would only have 3 months to live. Chemotherapy treatment started shortly after diagnosis and Deshawn is now undergoing his second round of intense treatment.

Deshawn desperately needs a Bone Marrow Transplant for the best outcome as without the transplant the Doctors have said that he would probably have only approximately 18 months to live.

Deshawn has a B Negative blood type and has sickle cell trait.

To join the register please CLICK HERE to read about the process and to get signed up

ACLT are hosting a stem cell donor sign up event at this years Notting Hill Carnival. If you are attending the children’s day at the carnival and want to get signed up, please visit our stalls. It will take just a few minutes to register, giving hope to DeShawn and others in urgent need of finding matching donors.

Here are the details: Sunday 26th August. Time: 12pm till 7pm. Location: Ladbroke Grove and Lancaster Road junction W11 1PR.