“My name is Peter McCleave and I am 40 years of age, love competing in Triathlon (Ironman), hold a private pilot’s licence and support Newcastle United Football Club and Leeds Rhinos Rugby League. I like to think I am a positive and social individual who values family above all else and friends a very close second.”

“I love taking on new challenges and proving that anything can be achieved with commitment and hard work.  I may not always succeed but I’ll always give it my best shot. My sons mean everything and I intend to do all I can to be around as long as I can for them. I tell them to never give up so I have no intention of doing so.”

“I completed Ironman Wales in September 2016 and two days later felt unwell; I presumed it was the exertion of the event but went to the doctors, where I was diagnosed with Pneumonia and Sepsis. I was admitted to the Countess hospital, Chester where I spent four nights on antibiotics.  Over subsequent months I had X-rays to monitor a shadow on my right lung which was presumed to be fluid or scarring from pneumonia. When it had not improved by March 2017 I had a CT scan. The radiologist by pure chance, noted lesions on my skeleton which were suspect. Turned out to be everywhere and from there, myeloma was diagnosed.”

“In hindsight, I recognise symptoms that were present in the year prior to diagnosis but which I had just put down to the exertions of training and everyday life. I would never have gone to the doctors with aches and pains or tiredness so in a sense, feel very lucky to have been diagnosed after the race in September.  I now need a stem cell matching donor but my mixed heritage means it is a very rare genetic combination I am seeking. But I know someone out there is my match (2 such matches were found but sadly declined to follow through with the donation) I just have to find them.”

“I have undergone three different forms of chemotherapy treatments and in May 2018 an autologous stem cell transplant in the absence of a donor. I have been told that I’ll have done well to make it through the next seven years.  I need an unrelated matching stem cell donor of a similar mixed heritage. I am Chinese/Portuguese/English mix.”

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