Will has been going through dialysis for 12 years. His story is so powerful and inspiring. Will currently works as a music producer. He had the unfortunate experience of going through surgery to receive a transplant that he never ended up receiving because his heart failed during surgery. His medical team decided not to give him the new kidney at the time. It is incredible to hear Will’s story and how he overcame such trauma. On his day to day Will supports kidney failure patients and reassures them on their fear of dialysis.

Jerry has been going through dialysis for over 8 years. Jerry was gifted with a transplant a few years ago, he explained how it changed his life and the convenience of being able to live at his full potential. Sadly his kidney failed after a couple of years which led him to go back on dialysis. Regardless of what he’s going through he is pulling through and is engaging his community by bringing about awareness on subject matter of organ donation.

(L-R: Will, Jerry, Ashley De La Mode and Daniel.

Daniel has been on dialysis for just over a year. During that year Daniel has discovered a lot about the condition. He was on 5% kidney function for about three years which was extremely fantastic for him given that the doctors had advised him to go on dialysis a few years back. He studied and found a way to last on 5% kidney function. He was eligible for a kidney then found out that his heart was too weak to handle a transplant. However, he also has diabetes which makes his kidney function a lot worse. Daniel has to find a double transplant, a kidney and a pancreas so his need to find a suitable donor is highly in need of support.

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