The mum of a nine-year-old girl with a blood cancer, is calling for more people to sign up as potential stem cell donors. She has been told that her daughter will need a stem cell transplant, from a stranger, if she is to be cured.

Aurora Pile – Gray from Westbrook, Kent, was diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma in May of this year. She had started complaining of a sore chin which within two weeks progressed to blood clots, golf ball sized lumps on her neck and extreme tiredness. After several trips to her GP and A&E, she was devastatingly diagnosed with blood cancer.

Aurora’s mum Keisha said: ‘We had gone to A&E where she had had some blood tests, which suggested that there were abnormalities in her white blood cells. The doctor said that she couldn’t be sure which type, but she knew our little girl had cancer.

‘There’s no preparing for a diagnosis like that. There’s no way to prepare your child for a diagnosis like that, and there’s no way to prepare for how quickly you have to move to catch it. By 9:00pm that evening we were in an ambulance on our way to London. Everything has moved at 100mph and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster.’

A bone marrow biopsy the following day confirmed that Aurora had stage four Lymphoma and that she would need to start chemotherapy immediately.

It’s been an incredibly difficult few months for Keisha and her family who, since May, has seen all three of her children be diagnosed with life changing conditions. In August, Oscar who is less than a year old was diagnosed with epilepsy, and in September, Ada-Ireland, who is two years old was diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Keisha said: ‘People have asked time and time again how we have coped, but the truth is, we have no choice. Oscar’s seizures have worsened, frightening the life out of us and Ada has an urgent referral and two night stay in Great Ormond Street next month, and Aurora now has refractory lymphoma. Honestly, as a family we are struggling.’

Two weeks ago, after five months of chemotherapy, Aurora’s consultant told her family that her most recent bone marrow result had revealed that the chemotherapy was not working. Not only was she not in remission, but this time her cancer was more aggressive, with 40% of her bone marrow being affected, 50% more than when she was initially diagnosed.

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