For many years ACLT has worked with a wide range of health and social organisations and continue to do so to help save the lives of thousands, by promoting and encouraging the recruitment of potential donors within stem cell, blood and organ donation. Our most prominent alliances has been with the three stem cell registries in the UK to recruit potential stem cell donors who are aged 16 – 55 in good health and reside in the UK.

NHS Blood & Transplant

The authority responsible for supplying blood for transplants. Visit the NHS Blood & Transplant website for further details of our joint blood and organ donor campaigns.

If you are aged between 18 and 49 you can join the British Bone Marrow Register by providing a blood donation at your local blood donor centre.


Anthony Nolan

Our longest relationship is with Anthony Nolan, the UK’s largest UK bone marrow registry. We have worked together on a number of campaigns including the most recent campaign Being African Caribbean.

If you are aged between 16 and 30 you can join the Anthony Nolan register by providing a saliva sample.



Part of the International DKMS family, the world’s largest stem cell donor centre, DKMS launched in 2013. We have worked alongside DKMS to register potential stem cell donors across the UK, including working on the campaign Get Discovered.

If you are aged between 17 and 55 you can join the register via the DKMS process which requires you to provide a cheek swab.


University African Caribbean Societies (ACS)

We have been privileged to have been invited to ACS events in universities across the UK to sign up potential lifesaving donors and to raise much needed funds.


Metropolitan Police Service

The Metropolitan police allow us to attend their ceremonies to sign up their officers, staff and family members as potential life-saving donors.


Schools and Colleges

Our schools and college partnerships have raised thousands of pounds for the charity over the years, allowing us to raise awareness of our work and register donors among the youth audience.


Capital Xtra

Each year ACLT hosts very successful stem cell, blood and organ donor registration drives at the Global Radio Studios, Leicester Square in conjunction with Capital Xtra.



We have been invited to attend several churches up and down the UK by the church leaders and Pastors to engage with their congregations on our subject matter of donation. The responses from the church leaders, Pastors and the congregations have been huge. We are working to increase the number of churches we are asking to support our lifesaving appeals and awareness campaigns.